Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

The North East Cardiac Rehabilitation service covers the East Lindsey Skegness and Coastal area of Lincolnshire.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a programme of health and recovery advice incorporating symptom management, medication review, exercise/education programmes and psychological support. It has been clinically proven to aid recovery after a recent cardiac event.

The Team.

Alison Bunn Senior Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist
Alison Bunn Senior Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist
Jackie Heath Cardiac rehabilitation associate nurse specialist
Jackie Heath Cardiac rehabilitation associate nurse specialist
Martine Scott Cardiac rehabilitation associate nurse specialist
Martine Scott Cardiac rehabilitation associate nurse specialist
Mike Turner B Sc (Hons) Grad B.A.C.R. British Association
Mike Turner
B Sc (Hons) Grad B.A.C.R. British Association









The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team are based at Louth County Hospital and can be contacted on 01507 605826. Please note this telephone number is not for urgent inquiries, the team work normal office hours.

Patients eligible to receive this service following a recent:

  • Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
  • Heart surgery including Coronary artery bypass graft and valve surgery.
  • Angioplasty and stent insertion
  • Implanted internal cardio defibrillator (ICD) patients in collaboration with the specialised arrhythmia centre.
  • Heart transplant


    • Stable angina patients (two emergency admissions in six months)
  • Stable heart failure patients (for exercise and education programe.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team provide support for patients and their families following an acute cardiac event.Eligible patients referred to us can expect to receive:

  • Specialist Nurse review
  • Blood pressure and pulse monitoring
  • Discussion regarding diagnosis
  • Risk factor assessment/education
  • Address any symptoms/concerns
  • Medication advice and support
  • Healthy lifestyle/education including healthy eating, stopping smoking, exercise, stress, weight management
  • Offer psychological support and interventions
  • Sign posting to other relevant agencies/disciplines
  • Discuss and agree individualised self management recovery plan
  • Involve and support family/carers
  • Liaise with GP/Consultant as appropriate

Participating in Cardiac Rehabilitation is proven to assist you with your recovery and can provide information and advice in order to improve your long term heath and well being.

There are a number of options for patients to choose from. We can provide a structured individual plan based on ability to exercise, supported by specialist teams. This will be facilitated and reviewed as part of your recovery.

Home Based Programmes

  • Walking Programme
  • Self directed Heart Manuals
  • Exercise DVD
  • Telehealth (Home monitoring)

Exercise Recovery Programmes

Offered at:

  • Lincoln County Hospital
  • Grantham Hospital
  • Pilgrim Hospital

These programmes are provided by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Community based programmes offered at:

  • Gainsborough-John Coupland Hospital-Trent Side
  • The Wolds Gym Cordeaux Academy Louth
  • Burgh Le Marsh-Village Hall
  • Stamford Hospital
  • Holbeach-WI Hall

These programmes are provided by Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust.

These community based group exercise sessions are delivered by Qualified exercise specialists with a weekly review by the Cardiac Nurse specialists. Assistants and volunteers support the programmes.

Education Programmes

We offer across the county outpatient education programmes that include discussion on a number of topics including:

  • Causes of heart disease
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Medications for heart conditions
  • Healthy eating
  • Stress management
  • Heart support group information
  • Emergency life support

Long Term Management Of Exercise

Once you have completed a Cardiac Rehabilitation programme referrals can be made to various sources in order to help continue with long term maintenance of exercise.

These include:

  •  Independent walking groups
  • Heelers scheme
  • Tai-Chi
  • Programmes of exercise,gym, circuit based

If you would like to view a patients experience please go to:


The programme has greatly improved my fitness & confidence. I have found the programme benificial, rewarding and enjoyable. All the staff and volunteers have been knowledgable, friendly and supportive. The improvement in my fitness and confidence is very noticeable now in contrast to when I began the course. I could not have acheived this without the programme. Thank you.

I have enjoyed the exercise class. My fitness has increased along with my cxonfidence. The staff are brilliant and been monitored throughout the exercise has given me confidence. I was reluctant to attend at first but so glad I did and complete the course.

I feel fitter than before the programme. I have started walking with East Lindsey Heart Support Group.

I will miss the programme. The course has increased my fitness. I enjoyed the social interaction. I have lost some weight which makes me feel better.

The exercise programme has helped to improve my fitness and confidence. I am grateful for their kindness and expertise.

The programme has benefitted me a lot. The whole thing was really good and has helped me such a lot. The staff are helpfull, kind and understanding with a good sense of humour which to my mind helped a lot. I am now going on to join Tai-Chi class. Thank you.