Stress Management

Stress Management

Just a few thoughts to help you manage Stress

1. Develop your own understanding about stress. What causes you to be stressed? Make a list, then note how you react to it.

2. Identify what you can change and what what you can’t. Some things will be difficult to change, learn to accept those things that you can’t change.

3. Recognise when pressure is building up and do something about it before it gets to bad.

4. Watch for early warning signs of stress in yourself and others.

5. Listen to your body. Review how you treat it. Do you take regular meal breaks and not rush your food? Do you eat the correct food? Are you getting enough exercise and sleep.

6. Review how you spend your time and energy at work and at home- balance between work and home.

7. Set some priorities:Make some realistic goals.

8. Learn to relax. Find your best method and do it several times a day if possible.

9. Learn to breath properly and practice regularly during the day.

10. Take care of your body by doing yoga, Tai-Chi or body work exercises daily.

11.Develop your relationship and build in more time with family and friends.

12. Make more time for yourself- sport/leisure/self development.

13. Build in some time for reflection. Make an appointment for yourself.


15. Recognise your strengths and achievements.

16. Don’t sit on problems- discuss them with someone.

17. Accept professional counselling services when things become overwhelming.

18. Get help with money matters. (eg contact the Citizens Advise Bureau)